Vídalín's Pedigree

IS2004186613 / BLUP: 121

F: Tígull frá Gýgjarhóli
M: Ósk frá Hamrahóli

Please take a minute to click left and look at the great line of ancestry in Vídalín's "family". While in present day he has already proven to be very special in his own right, the breeding decision to have Tígull (8.60) and Ósk (8.45) paired up was a match truly made in heaven!

FIZO Results from Gaddstaðaflatir 2009

Riding abilities / Hæfileikar: 8.66
Exterior / Sköpulag: 8.02
Total score / Aðaleinkunn: 8.40

Here are the detailed results of Vídalín's FIZO appearance at the 2009 breeding show in Hella rider: Þórður Þorgeirsson. We are very happy with his wonderful improvements over the last years, and - among others - Vídalín has an impressive score of 9.5 for spirit in his resumé. More to come in the future - stay tuned!

FIZO Results from Landsmót 2008

Riding abilities / Hæfileikar: 8.32
Exterior / Sköpulag: 8.02
Total score / Aðaleinkunn: 8.20

Check out the detailed results of Vídalín's first Landsmót. As a four-year-old stallion in Hella 2008 he was presented by Þórður Þorgeirsson. At that young age, he already received 9's e.g. for pace, canter and spirit and made a fantastic overall impression (ranked 8th best in all of Iceland). We are very confident that he will continue to improve in the years to come!

Vídalín's FIZO in Hella, June 2009

Video impressions of "Viddi" from his breeding show performance in Hella 2009, ridden by Þórður Þorgeirsson.

Spring of 2009: Vídalín enjoying himself!

Here are a few video snippets we captured of Vídalín in May 2009... no special task given, just him showing what he's all about: power and elegance in motion

Here's how it all began: Hella 2008

Impressions from Vídalín's first FIZO showing in Hella in spring of 2008. He made sure to get everyone's attention as a four-year-old already ...!

Simply ... Vídalín!

Just click away and let your imagination guide you!

Image: Vídalín's pace, FIZO 2008   

Image: Vídalín's pace, Landsmót 2008

Image: Vídalín's tölt   

Image: Vídalín standup 1   

Image: Vídalín standup 2

Image: Vídalín standup 3  

Image: Vídalín head shot